What Means 24 Point Cleaning Checklist

What Means 24 Point Cleaning Checklist

  1. All Carpets Steam Cleaned
  2. All Interior Windows Cleaned
  3. External Glass Cleaned on Sliding Doors


  1. Range hood and Filter Steam Cleaned
  2. Cook top, oven and Grill Steam Cleaned
  3. Wipe Clean All Cupboards, Shelves, Draws, Pantry and Bench tops
  4. Sinks and Taps Cleaned
  5. Sweep and Mop Floors

Bathroom Laundry

  1. Sinks and Laundry Trough Cleaned
  2. Toilet Bowl and Seat Cleaned
  3. Shower and Screens Steam Cleaned
  4. Bath Tub and Wall Titles Cleaned
  5. Mirrors Cleaned
  6. Vanity and Cupboards Wiped Inside and Out
  7. Sweep and Mop Floors

General Interior

  1. All Other Flooring Swept and Mopped
  2. Skirtings Wiped Cleaned
  3. Light Switches Wiped Clean
  4. Window Sills Wiped Down
  5. Blinds Feather Dusted
  6. All General Cupboards Wiped Down Inside and Out
  7. All Doors and Handles Wiped Down
  8. Cobwebs Removed
  9. Entrance Swept

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