Pet Grooming in Dubai

Pet Grooming in Dubai

Everyone who owns a pet (a cat or a dog) knows a struggle of getting rid of their pets fur. Our lovely cats and dogs leave their fur everywhere, especially if they experience some kind of skin disease. The fur often gets on our carpets, clothes, anywhere possible and it’s really hard to get rid of it. We spend so much money on cleaning products. Getting the fur out of the clothes might be the biggest issue as washing doesn’t always help and so we buy lint rollers or other products or let professionals do the job for us. Even after all the fur is gone the results don’t last long as our pets shed again. We get stuck in this endless circle of cleaning and trying to get rid of animal fur. 

First of all let’s say why does this happen. All animals with hair shed on a regular basis. Their like any other living species’ hair grows, stops growing and is shed. The length of time between growing to falling out varies between each pet. Some people think that dogs and cats shed only twice a year, but that’s not completely true. Most of the dogs and cats tend to shed all year long, due to their lifestyle. But the bad news is that they shed even more during Spring and Autumn. 

But if your pet is shedding rapidly and hair is not growing back you might be facing major issues. When it comes to dogs, extreme hair loss can be due to a number of reasons including poor diet, genetics, dermatitis or mites or in the worst case your sweet puppy might be suffering from an illness for example Alopecia. Various medical, dietary and stress-related issues can also cause your cat to lose enormous amount of hair. And also your cat may be suffering from health issues like: allergies, ringworm, infection, fleas and etc.

So what’s the solution? How can you own a pet but get rid of their fur from your clothes or at least, reduce the amount of it? If hair loss is unusually intensive you should visit a vet. But in case of regular shedding a solution of your problem might be grooming.

First of all Grooming is essential when it comes to well-being and healthiness of your pet. It helps to keep your dog’s skin in good condition by removing dirt, loose hair and preventing hair mats. Grooming decreases chance of various health problems, skin irritation or infections. It helps to distribute natural skin oils over the hair shaft and gives your puppy a fabulously shiny coat. Dog Grooming can also help to reduce the need to bath your puppies. Even though cats are very clean compared to other pets, especially dogs, they also need to get groomed to maintain shiny fur and healthy skin. Cat Grooming removes unwanted hair and improves blood circulation. It helps to keep your cats coat in a good, healthy condition.

There’s a company in Dubai which provides grooming services for various pets, including rabbits and birds. Miss Meow is a pet grooming company in Dubai which claims to treat your pet with highest level of care and attention. They provide different procedures that help removing dead hair fossils and thus help you with reducing the amount of fur on your clothes. Miss Meow creates stress free environment for your pets and treats them with love. This company also cares about your comfort. Benefits of hiring their pet grooming services include convenience as they come to your choice of location. Their mobile van, equipped with all the essential tools comes at your doorstep. This service saves your time and the effort of taking your pet to a groomer. Miss Meow has a professional team of pet grooming experts who provide individual attention to each pet. They know how to make your puppies and kittens feel comfortable and enjoy their grooming experience. Be sure that your pet is safe in Miss Meow’s hands.

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